• SteveBobMinecraftPants

    So, yes now i is leaving guys! And do the blogs in MCSM wiki... So bye!

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yes, these will be able now in MCSM wiki... Also... I may do Friendship reviews... Ya know? I do blogs and talk about my friendship to other users... Trust me, i do nice blogs! And to all who is my friends! :) Yes!

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    MCSM Wiki!

    October 9, 2017 by SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yes, guys! I do normally do the blogs lol oh in there. Goes random times... But i do these always now on Mondays and Saturdays... Which is good...

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    I just want to thank everybody who is my friend because i am decided something now heh this thing...

    I plan where to make the blogs! _D_

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Stiwo in Zombie thing 2

    Narrator: Stiwo in Zombie thing 2! Now tho now, the last one was 3, Well then makes it the.. Nevermind.. OK!...

    • City is shown*

    Narrator: So here we are in VG Big city, Everybody best yet uses VG Big city, Because it's super fashional and things doesn't look black, like this or that... Sigh... Anyway, sigh, so, so this is the city where the zombies was taking over... Heh, heh... Everywhere because there was zombies... But.. But.. Yes, look there are zombies everywhere! *Zombies is shown everywhere* There they are, look, look, look, look, look, It's so cool!....... So they SWAM in the whole city! *Zombies goes in the town well Even really everywhere very weird even* Heh, that's not good tho omg! :( So then.. We go.......…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • It is night, and Steve is with dudes and try to sneak in Cassie's house*

    Cassie: Is so really right in some really way... You are now not having the right to even be the cat now, Winslow! I... Well i mean no longer human! TAKE THIS! >:(

    • Well, Winslow is turning into cat again and Cassie throwed potion at him making him cat so there*

    Winslow: Aww... Meow? ;(

    Cassie: That's right, cat! That's what you get for being not nice to me! This is grounded! You deserve this! >:) HA! Goodnight, Winslow!

    • She closes Winslow's door in his room on with a merry bang!*

    Winslow: Aw... ;(! *Winslow sleeps and is sad*

    • Steve and his friends looks on the mirror where Winslow is: Good thing he is cat now Jesse can trick her...*

    Steve: Good, Winslow is cat again! So, Jess…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well, this is not Part 2 or 3... This is some dream Steve dreamed mostly and about this he woke up in sequel (REAL SEQUEL) Next Saturday since this is just a dream... Well, Nothing of this is real so ok remember this dream? Ok:...


    The following blog is a parody of your average Minecraft blogs on Domitron's Stories Wiki. This blog is 0% not meant to hurt or insult anyone. It is all in good fun.                                                                                                                                (not like my blogs are any better...)

    (Yes, this is a parody, Steve dreamed all this and this is fake, don't quit on me pls guys! So... Yes... Let's see the dream heh even dudes!)

    STeve ZOMBVie Apopolyps 3


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Phew, that was a close one! ;)

    Jesse: Yeah, ikr! That lady is so crazy! Totally! :(

    Steve: So... Then... Yes, ya know what?

    Jesse: Hm?

    Steve: Yes, that lady is mean and crazy yes?

    Jesse: Hm-Hm! *Nods head as a yes* heh she is!

    Steve: Eh... Yeah... But... Her cat is in nice someway...

    Ivor: WHAT!? You seriously think that cat is your friend? It's Cassie's evil pet, dork! >:) :(

    Steve: But... He have saved my life when Cassie tried to shoot me, i guess he have a heart after all! :(

    Olivia: Steve could be right, Ivor! Winslow DID save Steve!... I guess that cat could be on now our side now i guess...?!

    Ivor: Very irritating! FEH! Really much!

    Axel: No, Steve is right!

    Lukas: Yes, good point dat one! ;)

    Petra: Yeah... I kinda agree with them, Ivor! …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Ok finally works here we go now: :D

    • The sun is seen in a peaceful and safe looking place*
    • The birds are chirping really in this place so...*
    • And yes, yes, the helicopter came and started to land in this place tho*
    • Then the helicopter landed... WITH A CRASH! :( Aw... So hard! It was hard!*

    Winslow: Well, the helicopter is now broked! *They all is outside the helicopter now*

    Wolf: Uhh... GASP! Hey Guys! Look Over There! :D

    • Wolf is ½ He saw a base front them*

    Stella: It looks like some kind of structure, maybe we can make it now a house!!? :)

    Jessefan1: Or even better yet: Maybe We can make it on into a house cool? :D

    • Yes, almost what i said right now before...*

    Jessefan1: An impenetrable BASE! NYEHEHE! XD

    Ender: Good idea, Jessefan1! :)

    Monster: Ditto, E…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Bad News! :(

    September 16, 2017 by SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Ok now it maybe is possible i can make Part 4... I did but the title was TOO long... I guess i can upload this part in Sunday so instead i should not do the title long... Anyway, there are once good news in last part... And it IS short... I guess you want to see it... I decide this is the only time tho i make this blog series in a Sunday instead in Saturdays... Now ok? :/

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Narrator: Well, then they finally find the place where the Potion Expert lives in very well... And...

    ???: Hey! Why is Narrator in this story yet?

    Narrator: Oh, sorry! *He hides*

    • The Gang goes to the place*

    Steve: I guess this it is?

    Everbody Else: Eh...

    Steve: Tho, i guess it is so i can read i do! Look! *Reads da sign in the wall near door* P-O-T-I-O-M E-X-P-E-E-R-T-! See?

    Ivor:_ You said "PotiomExpeert!" In Potion say N instead more of a M Maroon! Really, use space and without two E omg! >:/ Huh?

    Lukas: Ivor, don't be rude now, now Steve is maybe a dork but he have feelings ya know? :(

    Steve: Oh... Thx Lukas! :) *Rings doorbell*


    Axel: I guess nobody is home, eh let's go home!

    Olivia: Oh no, pal! You not leaving us now! >:(

    Axel: Aww…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    (Gerald and Jesse are walking north of Beacontown)

    Gerald: (Farts) Whoops! Wow... That was awkward.

    Radar: Uhh... yup.

    Gerald: Yep. Wait... (Freezes Radar) You know what? (Unfreezes Radar) CUT!


    Gerald: (Slurred and crying) I know I'm getting pretty emotional, but don't worry, Stella, I know you'll become an Evoker one day... Wait, they're called Vindicators? Oh... whoops. Cut!


    Gerald: Who the hell is Samantha?

    Jesse: You mean Stella?

    Gerald: Dammit! CUT!


    Gerald: C'mon. We need to go to Campion City.

    Jesse: Campion City?



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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Jessefan1: Okay, everbody! Watch your step!!!!

    Steve: *He drags everbody down somewhere now and they all fall* Hooba Dooba!

    Steve: Let's go home! Erm... Well, The Hospital!

    Ender: Do you guys see what i see!?

    Ender: Hey, oh look it's a helicopter!

    Steve: Yeah. that's good that's it's probably takes so even less gas then heh my corvette! I'm such a douchebag! *Steve punch himself*

    Narrator: So it... So they started to... Uh... But... Mutant Zombie came back! UGH!

    • Mutant Zombie returns and so roars at them once again*

    Winslow: OH, THE ZOMBIE! :O

    Narrator: Then it started once to morph again! HO-HO-HO-HO! HO... HO, HO, HO!...  :(

    • Mutant Zombie morphs mostly but it turns really really big!*

    Ender: This is bad! -_- (_)

    • Mutant Zombie ugh is now a dinosaur..…
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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: *Wakes up pretty slowly* Uh? Oh, Man! This was good!

    Jesse: Hey you are alive, :D And... You ruined my potion present! -_-

    Steve: Oh sorry! I didn't know i... I just wanted a drink and now i... *Then Steve very shaked and he started to get smaller and smaller*

    Jesse and others: :O Um... Steve?

    Steve: Eh, what? :/

    Jesse: Oh look at yourself really! XD *Shows once a mirror to Steve and Steve notice that he turned into a chicken*

    Steve: EEK! BAWK! I'm a chicken? :( ;(

    Jesse: That's your punishment for drinking my potion, Steve! >:) XD

    Steve: ;( Aww... Why you be so evil to me!? ;(

    Ivor: Wait! :/... It is not a curse! :O :( It is a MAGIC potion! I once saw somebody drink it! You Then turn into something! So yes... I wonder now due what this came…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Narrator: Oh, Meanwhile... At the airport, things was looking so very deep dark for our heroes. It seems what ever happened here apparently happened in the airport too.

    Steve: Well, it looks like my corvette got us here... I mean, i'm the only one who drives it so why have It? It's just a gas-waster. Ha-Ha! Geh heh heh, Hooba Dooba!

    Jesse: Okay, everbody is going to be following me, because i'm holding lol the gun. It is the most important part of this whole thing tho...

    Stella:... I wonder how this happened?...

    Winslow: Who knows? Bang! But... I'm the only one in the airport without a password! This is like Jesus to me! Ho-Ho!

    Jesse: This way! THIS WAY! *Everbody followed Jesse*

    Winslow: I am so very hungry! :( Oh... Can't we take a brake? eh?


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (It's a world called: Minecraft, seen in a forest. A random guy start running and then his face is revealed... It's just Steve! XD) 

    Steve: Just in this world, we are square-headed people and i am Steve! Hi Guys! So... Everbody who watch this! & Today i will now meet my Amazing Best Friend... Jesse! Uh huh, he rocks! He may even give me an only present for me! Right, follow everytime now!

    Jesse: What are you talking bout, Steve? I am here...

    Steve: Oh sorry Jesse Dude! Hi, how are ya? Are you in happy mood?

    Jesse: Er... Kinda... Why you always following me?

    Steve: Eh? You think... I am scary?

    Jesse: Yes! What's wrong with you, your dork?

    Steve: GASP! You don't want to play with me, you NEVER WANT! Really!

    • Steve cries like an angry baby and Jesse s…
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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    HM-HM! ORIGINS! All right, let's just get right to it:


    Narrator: Ha-Ha! Ok All right. So it was a night before christmas and all says is a town nobody was starring... AHA! Except Steve in his corvette. Ha Ha!

    (Corvette is black) 

    Steve: Dashing Through the snow, In a one horse open sleigh, but... Over the fields we go... Laughing all the way... Ha! Ha! :P

    Narrator: Steve was decided (Cool) to go to Stella's house because everbody was gone there for christmas! Na Ha!

    Steve: ;D I can't wait to get everbody my presents. It's totally not a box with Pizza Hut Glob one.

    Steve: Eh eh, Ho Ho Ho! *knocks lots on hard door* Knock! Knock! 

    Stella: Who's there?

    Steve: It's me! :P Starbucks!

    Stella: *Opens door* Oh hey Steve how ya d…

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  • SomeoneOnTheInternet

    ...well, I guess that's up to you.

    Becuase I had an idea where I write a story, and at the end of every single chapter, there will be a choice which influences the story. Kinda like MC:SM, and that's also where the idea came from.

    But I just wanted to know, since I don't want to start a story like this when nobody is gonna read and vote:

    Would you guys read it, and vote in the comments?


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Greetings, Hey guys! This is a sign up for a Zombie Apocalypse Team... Well, i have a "FEW" Rules here... And yes some rules... Ok i decided a Zombie Apocalypse Team in these Blogs in this wiki so i decided to make my own... Well, There are 8 roles... Sadly the Leader and The Guy who dies First is already taken... Since i will show you the list now and if there is any role you want to take, write role in the comments now! Then i sign you in and i do this every Saturday... So wait for next week because it is Saturday now! Anyway... Here are the roles:

    Team Leader: SteveBobMinecraftPants (Steve the Minecraftian/Me the 10th)

    Brawler: ???

    Weapons Expert: ???

    Brains: ???

    Medic: ???

    Speed Fighter: ??? (Somebody who is fast user?)

    Mascot: ??? :/

    Guy who …

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  • Jessefan1

    This is my first blog on this Wikia. I`ve almost reach 100 edits on Wikia, i`ve might need some time to work in order to reach 100 edits. I`ve started from since i`ve came on the first time, but i`ve not been on this Wikia for a long time due to my school activites and everything else, i`ve will still keep working on this wiki to reach over 100 edits on this Wikia.

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  • Alex.sapre


    April 2, 2017 by Alex.sapre

    Hello community! I'm Alex.sapre here with my first blog. I made this blog to notify you, the community, that I will be taking requests to proofread your story (check for spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes).

    If you decide that you want me to proofread your story, just drop a message by my message wall and I'll check your story out. I will not change the storyline unless you want me to; I will only try to make your story look pleasable to others.

    The most expensive boss, Alex.sapre (talk) 00:00, April 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Forseer

    As I have said...

    January 12, 2017 by Forseer

    I might leave Wikia, check my blog on the MCSM wikia, if you wish to know why.

    If I do not leave permanently, it will be between A day-A few months

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    This is a little game I made. I'm going to tell you 25 facts about me, but 10 of them are false! Feel free to start your own one in the comments or as a separate blog.

    1. My birthname was Thomas but it got changed to Lukas.

    2. I'm Jewish.

    3. I have an afro.

    4. I'm 14 years old.

    5. My favorite film is Harry Potter

    6. My favorite show is South Park

    7. My favorite game is World of Warcraft

    8. My favorite YouTuber is Jacksepticeye.

    9. I have a sister named Caitlyn.

    10. I live in Denver.

    11. I like to go commando.

    12. I own a Playstation.

    13. I'm scared of spiders.

    14. I have red hair.

    15. My best friend is called Cedric.

    16. I have a girlfriend called Amy.

    17. I own a 3DS.

    18. My favorite sport is Volleyball.

    19. I hate Football.

    20. My favorite color is Red.

    21. …

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  • Georgia3904

    the background is so bright now. idk what else to say.

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    Hello everyone.

    As you know, recently there have been periods where I am not active.

    This is because of Protocal Zero.

    I created this when all my friends supported the demotion thread. I felt I was so close to doing something bad, that I completely wiped my phone's history. I may do this when I get het up or something happens online.

    If I am inactive more more than 3 days, then you should just assume I've gone Protocal Zero.


    Jewish and proud - Lukas Kierkegaard (talk) 15:42, November 14, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Spongebub007

    Sponge: *walks over near a tree*


    Sponge:sits behind tree looking over

    ???: Running from something...

    Sponge: *looks for a weapon*

    ???:hears searching

    Sponge: Lifts sword and hits behind him

    ???:growls and teleports suddenly

    Sponge: *Sigh* At least it was brief...

    Disimbodied voice: or was it?!

    Sponge:*lifts sword*

    Voice: Why are you hostile?

    Sponge:stop speaking!!

    ???: Sponge!

    Sponge: *Turns around*

    Miles: It's me, Miles... Do you have any clue about what is going on here?!

    Sponge:No... Have you seen anyone else?

    Miles:I saw Lukas earlier in the courtyard... And Jakero right at the tree you are at...

    Sponge:we gotta ask the-

    Miles:Have you seen anyone?

    Sponge:Order briefly while I was entering the mansion

    Miles:We had better look for them and ask…

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  • Kirbyfan100


    October 19, 2016 by Kirbyfan100

    I tried doing this on mc story mode wiki but nobody joined, make a story about jesse being the white pumpkin, winner gets to be mentioned in a new series I am working on

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  • Spongebub007


    October 15, 2016 by Spongebub007

    Hello. I know this might not be fit for a blog post but I am thinking 'bout making a bot. Is it worth it?

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  • The-Cipher-King-2002

    So, do we just write stories?

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  • Domitron3

    My MCSM tale.

    October 10, 2016 by Domitron3

    This is for DarthWikia25's MCSM story contest at the MCSM wiki. Let's begin.

    Jesse: "It's so good to be back home." Lukas: "Yeah."

    Axel: "You guys went on so many adventures." Ivor: "Yeah, we did."

    Olivia: "The PAMA story sounded awesome and amazing."  Petra: "Wanna go back to the Hallway and go on more adventures?" Em: "Sure!" Jesse: "It's Em's first mission with us."

    Em: "I'm so excited." Petra: "You can also show me that awesome spin move, right?"

    Em: "Of course!" Jesse: "Let's go!"

    The gang go to the Sky City portal to get to the Hallway.

    Lukas: "The portal where all of our new adventures began." Jesse: "Yeah, feels like years."

    Petra: "Ha, ha. I just can't believe we became the New Order of the Stone."

    Ivor: "I like being in *this* Order bette…

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  • MonsterGal101

    This is for Dom's story contest.

    -LET'S BEGIN- Narrator: How would your life be if you lived in complete darkness? Not if there was no light, I mean. If there was no hope, no progress, no sign of empathy, just the same things over and over again.

    It feels gloomy, horrible, doesn't it? Well, that's a normal day in the End. And well, we do have the dim and dark atmosphere to compliment the emptiness of the mobs living there...

    But still, somewhere among the darkness, the lack of warmth and the dominance of broken thoughts, crammed in the corner of the End city lies a colony of...Endermites. How cool.

    And yet, in that little world, lit up by just the particles connecting the Ender Dragon with the closest of the Ender Crystals, above the consuming…

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  • Domitron3

    Story competion!

    September 26, 2016 by Domitron3

    In this, you'll need to make a story about anything.

    Whoever's story is the best wins. Good luck to all of you! :D




    Order of the Command Block.





    Trigger Happy the Gremlin

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