• Don't swear at users; words such as, "crap," "hell," and "damn/dammit" are allowed; just don't​ use them at users.
  • Don't talk about sexual material
  • Don't use links to inappropriate material (Such as videos, memes, or anything else with swearing, nudity, or anything else along the line)


  • Don't over use caps
  • Don't spam emojis more than 5 times
  • Don't use huge blocks of text
  • Don't post blank messages

​Other languages

  • Don't use other languages; this is an English-only wikia

​Bans or kicks

You would get a warning first, than a kick, than a ban. You'll be banned for 2 hours, then 1 day, then 1 week, then 2 weeks, then 1 month, then infinite.

​Sock/alt accounts

  • You can ​use an alt account as a Bot or extra one; just don't use them to escape a ban; the user ​and ​the sock will get banned for infinite, and the user will be blocked and banned for 2 weeks.


  • Please, do not advertise other wikias.

​Under aged users

  • If someone says that they're under aged in chat, tell them that wikia is for 13+ users only, then you can file a report to wikia.

​Racism and sexism

  • Please, do not be sexist or racist; we are all made the same, so don't say one race or gender is better than the other. The user will get two kicks than a ban of 2 hours.

​Bot accounts

  • You may only have one bot account
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