"And yet death was not something you could ignore. It had its weight, it seemed to her she had better not form the practice of ignoring death. If she tried it, death would always find a way to answer back - it would take another of her loved ones, to remind her to respect it."

-Gerald reading Lonesome Dove out loud.

Gerald McCormick is the main character of All The Dead Lie Down.


Toronto, OntarioEdit

Gerald lived with his brother, Stanley, his sister, Ellie, and his parents Magnus and Ruby McCormick. His dad would read an extract from Lonesome Dove to him every night before bedtime.


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  • He is one of three characters with a confirmed birthday; 30 July 1990.
  • He may have Scottish/Irish descendants due to his last name.
  • Gerald is the first known millionaire encountered in the series.
  • The creator of the series has confirmed that Gerald was a geologist before the outbreak started.
    • It was later changed to botanist for unknown reasons.
    • He killed somebody named Steve which could be a reference to the Playable Hero from Minecraft.

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