Spirit deer

Days left until Cristmas: 8

Journey to the North Pole

Even though it was about a week left till Cristmas eve, preparations where all ready in full swing, here at Jagapup's house and at town. Dormtroi, Becky and Charles had decorated the Cristmas tree downstairs in the living room with glowing strands of lights, glorious ornaments, tinsel and garland. They had hung up the stockings apon the the fireplace, and classic Cristmas tunes played as the three of them worked. On Cristmas Eve, some of their friends where coming over to stay for two nights. They'd come on Cristmas Eve,sleep for the night, spend the Cristmas day together, and then spend another night before heading off. Order was planning for it. She had gotten sleeping bags from the attic, and has picked out several Cristmas movies. Order had earlier gone to the store and bought popcorn for the moives,as well as gingerbread,frosting, candy, chocolate, and hot chocolate. Right now Order was making a gingerbread house for the big night. Jagapup helped Jake decorate the outside of the house, with strands of lights, reef on the door, candy canes along the side walk leading up to the house. Later Jagapup went into to town to help dig out snow so shops could open, and to do some Cristmas shopping while at it. All the houses and shops in town where decorated with colorful lights. Kids where posting out their wish lists in the mailbox,playing in the snow,making snowmen and snow angels. Pets where wearing jingle bell collars,even to them by their owners.Poli was closing his shop earlier this week since it was so close to Cristmas. Some people where giving presents to children at the orphanage. Smells of hot soup came from the town's cafe, as well , baked gingerbread man, and frosting. Villagers wore Cristmas sweaters, Santa hats and rein-deer antlers. People where even leaving small presents down for Reuben at his grave. Everyone was in the festive holiday cheer. Jagapup loved this time of year. All after a long day of preparing for Christmas, Jagapup headed off to be. She climbed into bed, pulled up the covers, closed her eyes, and drifted off to slee. But something woke her up late that night, a mysterious ringing sound. Jagapup hadn't ever heard anything this before. Sounded like a bell?

" Huh,what was that?"asked Jaga

Then she heard that mysterious ringing bell again. This time it sounded close. Jagapup got out of bed, and looked out the window, breathless at what was before her eyes. It was almost like a spirit had been summoned from the dead. It was the most beautiful creature Jagapup had ever seen. Out in the white blanket of snow, stood the out line of a rein-deer. The deer's body was glowing a bright baby blue, and it's antlers and hoofs where glowing at clear whitish- yellow. The deer stood up on its hind legs , it's head held high, and out rang that sound that Jaga had heard earlier. Jaga put on her coat over her pjs, put on her boots and went outside.She opened the front door, and went out the back. Slowly Jagapup approached the creature. It didn't seem to be afraid of her what so ever.

" Hello buddy, my name's Jagapup "said Jagapup calmly

The deer glad came over to Jagapup. Jaga reached out and petted the reindeer's soft mussel.

" What's your name?"asked Jaga

The deer got up on it's hind legs, and let out that ringing sound again.

" I'm sorry,but I don't understand you" said Jagapup " about I call you............Chuchip, it means spirit deer in native american"

" Ding Ding, Ding Ding!" ranged the deer's bell

" I think he likes his name " thought Jagapup

Jagapup nocticed that there was a blue-green collar with snowflakes around the reindeer's neck, with a shiny silver bell attached to it.

" Don't you work for Santa?"asked Jagapup

The reindeer shook it's antlers.

" So that's a no, but if you have a collar you must belong to someone,right?"said Jaga " Are you lost,where do you come from?"

 Chuchip layed down on the ground, and shook it's antlers. and kept eying on Jagapup. She don't know why, but Jaga felt like that Chuchip wants Jaga to get on his back.

" You want to take me on a ride?"asked Jaga

      Chuchip nodded.

" Um,.............okay"said Jaga getting on the deer's back 

Chuchip got up on his hind legs,and gave out a prideful bleat.

" Whoa,easy boy!"said Jaga

       Chuchip toke off trotting through the snow, and through the forest.The moonlight shined though the icicles hanging from branchs of the trees. They're like crystal glass oramants on the Cristmas tree. Snow gently starts to fall from the sky.  

       " Um, we are getting awfully far away from my home, Chuchip, shouldn't we turn back?"Jagapup asked  

       Chuchip shook his antlers.  

       " You know we are going to have to stop this ride at some point,right?"asked Jaga " I mean my friends will be worried about me if I'm not back by morning "  

       Chuchip snorted.  

       " " Well, don't you have a family or friends?"asked Jaga  

       Chuchip paused for a moment, and looked up at the sky. Jagapup had many questions about her new reindeer friend. Where could this reindeer come from? Chuchip definitely looked different than any other reindeer Jaga had seen, what was for the reason for his looks? Was he born this way? Was Chuchip cursed, or maybe he just got covered in this weird glowing paint? Where did Chuchip get his bell and collar from? If he wasn't apart of Santa's reindeer team, then where was he from? That way that Chuchip paused when Jaga asked if he had friends and family, maybe Chuchip didn't have a family. If so then that's absolutely horrible. To have no friends or family to spend the holidays with.......especially when the real meaning of the holidays is spending time with friends and family members. If Chuchip did lose his parents when he was young, what could've happened to them. As Jagapup was lost in her thoughts, she started to think about her own deceased family members. ( if you don't know what happened to Jaga's parents, read chapter 3 of her story: Jaga's Mcsm Story) The castle would be covered in Cristmas lights from head to toe, reefs above all the door ways. They used to host big Cristmas parties in the castle, and Jagapup had never even seen snow before she arrived at Earth. Chuchip started to speed to up, and was running instead of galloping.  

       " Whoa, Chuchip, easy boy, slow down!"said Jaga " What's the big hurry?!"  

       Chuchip ignored Jaga,and only just continued to run faster. What ever has gotten into him?  

       " Chuchip,what are you doing?"asked Jagapup nervously " Chuchip?!"  

       Chuchip jumped right off the cliff, and Jaga closed her eyes tight, waiting for impact, but instead Chuchip remained still. She slowly opened her eyes, and was surprised to find that she and Chuchip where floating right above the ground.  

       " can fly?"asked Jaga " You tell me you don't belong to Santa,yet you can fly?!"  

       Chuchip flew over the forest, and to a huge ice palace up in the valley.  

       " Whoa, what is this place?"asked Jagapup " Is there a eivel queen in there, is that why you brought me here?"  

       Chuchip shook his antlers, and continued flying towards the ice palace. He landed down on the steps leading up to the front porch. Jagapup got off of Chuchip's back. Chuchip urged Jagapup to go inside. Jaga knocked on the heavy door. No anwser. Jagapup was about to knock again when the door opened up. A chilly blast of air escaped out the door, it's like when you first open a freezer. Jagapup walked inside. Suddenly, her jacket transformed into a warm parka. Every sound that was made echoed throughout the palace. Up ahead of her, Jaga could see a beautifully crafted throne made completely out of diamonds. There where stairs going up to the next level, and loads of doors leading to different rooms. One room lead to a giant pet playground. There was a polar bear, penguins, seals, orcas, narwhals, there was even a ice dragon! There was tons of icy slides, a giant treat dispenser, a huge icy pool. Man, who ever owned all these animals, was a great pet owner. The animals seemed pretty happy here. Another room lead to a giant dining room. Crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceilin, blue carpet on the floor. There was a living room, with lots of bookshelf, a chouch, a fire place and a tv right above the fire place. Jaga didn't even know how the ice stayed frozen, even with the heat of the fire. She leaned against a bookshelf, then all of a sudden a secret passage way opened up.  

       " Whoa" breathed Jaga  

       With Chuchip following behind her, Jaga walk though the secret passageway to a room full of jewels, gold and other values. They must've built this secret passageway to keep all this treasure safe. All of a sudden Jagapup suddenly got frozen in a block of ice. She couldn't move!  

       " Hault!"a voice shouted " Who dares to take my riches?!"  

       It was Rygor.  

       " Hu?"asked Rygor " Oh,Jaga it's just you. Hang on, let me get you out"  

       Rygor pulled out a heat ray, and shoots it at Jaga. The ice around Jaga immediately melted.  

       " Whew, that's better, thanks Rygor "said Jaga  

       " Your welcome, but why are you here in my house?"asked Rygor  

       " You live here?"asked Jagapup  

       " Of course I do, I need somewhere to hide from the police "said Rygor  

       " Wait, so did you..............steal all of this?"asked Jaga pointing at the treasure  

       " Um........yeah I did"said Rygor  

       " Rygor.........."said Jaga shaking her head, and crossing her arms  

       " I know, but you have to admit, it wasn't easy stealing all of this" said Rygor " Some these where gaurded in top security systems"  

       " Ok, I'll give you that " said Jaga " But you know that you know who is going to find out about this"  

       " Don't worry, I haven't stolen anything all month "said Rygor " Seriously, it's been driving me crazy!"  

       " Eight more days Rygor, just eight more days"said Jaga  

       " I know, come on Christmas Eve, hurry up and get here already !"said Rygor " Who's your reindeer friend?"  

       " Oh Rygor,Chuchip, Chuchip, Rygor" said Jagapup  

       Chuchip got on his hindlegs and dinged his bell.  

       " Nice to meet you too"said Rygor " Is he one of Santa's reindeer?"  

       " He says he isn't,yet he can fly"said Jagapup " And-  

       Jaga went closer over to Rygor.  

       " I don't think he has a family "wispared Jaga  

       " Why are we whispering?"asked Rygor  

       " I don't want Chuchip to get upset"said Jagapup  

       " Oh, ok" said Rygor                    

       " But I still don't get it,why did you take me here Chuchip "asked Jagapup                    

       Chuchip layed down the ground.                    

       " More traveling, so this isn't the place?"asked Jaga " Alright then"                    

       " Where are you traveling to ?"asked Rygor                    

       " Don't know yet, it's a mystery "said Jaga getting on Chuchip " Why don't you come with us?"                    

       " Alright awake anyways, might as well"said Rygor hopping on Chuchip                    

       Chuchip toke off flying out of Rygor's palace and and into the night time sky.                    

       " Come on Chuchip, can't you just tell us where we are going?"asked Rygor                    

       Chuchip shook his antlers.                    

       " Oh come on Chuchip,you are keeping us in suspense"said Jaga                    

       " Arooooo !"howled a voice " Rygo, Jaga, hey down here, you who!"                    

       Jaga looked down apon the forest, and saw Storm with Youtubergirl and Pigmaster running down on the forest floor, chasing after Jagapup, Rygor and Chuchip.                    

       " Storm!"exclaimed Jaga waving to her friend                    

       " Hey Storm, what's up"said Rygor                    

       " Apparently you two"said Storm " I'm visiting relatives of mine that live up here in the north, arctic huskys.                    

       " So am I, I travel all the way up here to visit my cousin "said Youtubergirl " I went out into the forest to vlog ,when I ran into Pig master"                    

       " And now we're looking for Gabriel and the rest of the old Order "said Pig master" We want to spend Christmas with them, they're like part of the family "                    

       " Yeah, that makes sense, Chistmas is about spending time with friends and family "said Jaga                    

       " Yeah, but our horse got spooked and ran off, what are you two doing up there?"asked YouTube                    

       " Chuchip is taking us somewhere" said Rygor " though we don't know where we're going, or for what reason "                    

       "Hey,wait for us, we want to come too!"shouted Storm                    

       " I don't think that all of us will fit on Chuchip "said Rygor                    

       " And we.....we can't run.........after you keep up"said Storm " We'll fall behind "                    

       Chuchip rang his bell, and then the next thing I knew, Pig master, and YouTube where on a dogsled, with Storm hooked up at the front.                    

       " Whoa, how did a dogsled just appeared"said Pigmaster                    

       " Magic " said Youtuber " Omg, this vid is gonna go viral!"                    

       " Now you'll be able to keep up with us"said Rygor                    

       Chuchip flew over the trees of the forest, while Pigmaste, Youtube and Storm followed close behind, down bellow on the dogsled.                                                                                                                                                           

       About 6 hours later........                                                                                                                                                           

       " Are we there yet?"asked Jaga                                                                                                                                                           

       " Jagapup, that's like the tenth time you asked that!"said Rygor                                                                                                                                                           

       " I don't blame you Jaga, my little wolf legs are getting tired from pulling all this heavy weight"said Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       " Wait, what is that?"asked Youtuber                                                                                                                                                           

       " Whoa, I think it's the ocean!"said Pigmaster                                                                                                                                                           

       " But we can't travel over the ocean"said Storm " Jaga, Rygor and Chuchip can fly over easy, but us......"                                                                                                                                                           

       Chuchip rang his bell and the dogsled started floating in the air.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Whoa, we're floating away!"said Youtuber                                                                                                                                                           

       " We're not floatin, we're flying!"said Pig master                                                                                                                                                           

       " Jaga, where do you think we're heading "asked Youtuber                                                                                                                                                           

       " I don't know, but where ever we're heading is sure to be an a adventure!"said Jagapup                                                                                                                                                           

       Storm, Pigmaster, and You Tuber followed Jaga, Rygor and Chuchip though the sky. The sky light up with colorful lights of pinks, greens, yellows, and blues from the Northern lights. Down bellow whales and orca jumped out of the water, and made huge splashes when they landed. So big that the water nearly splash the fellow travelers. Seals and polar bears where resting apon the huge ice flow, float atop of the water.                                                                                                                                                           

       " this the North Pole?"asked Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       Chuchip nodded.                                                                                                                                                           

       " And yet we've only traveled here in less then half the night"said Rygor " That was fast"                                                                                                                                                           

       Chuchip landed down on the cold, snowy ground.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Okay guys, this is our stop, everybody off"said Jaga " Why did you bring us here Chuchip?"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Um, guys I think I found the reason why Chuchip brought us here"said Storm " Look!"                                                                                                                                                           

       Rygor, Jaga, Pigmaster, Chuchip went over to Storm, who was at the top of a hill. The fellow adventurers got a great surprise when they over looked the view. Instead of a winter wonderlan, it was a unpleasant welcome. Black snow on the ground and a old town.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Oh my gosh!"breathed YouTube " What ever happened to this place?"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Black snow?"asked Rygor                                                                                                                                                           

       " Somethings wrong, and we're gonna get to the bottom of this"said Jaga                                                                                                                                                           

       " Yeah"said Storm " We should explore the town, see if anyone knows anything about what happened"                                                                                                                                                           

       So Jaga and the gang went down the hill to explore the old town. All the stores, houses and factories where worn down. There where spiderwebs on the walls inside, and the windows where shattered.                                                                                                                                                           

       " This town looks like it's been deserted, no one has been here in ages"said Pigmaster                                                                                                                                                           

       " Hello?"shouted Rygor " Is anyone here?"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Over here!"shouted a voice                                                                                                                                                           

       " What was that?"asked Jagapup                                                                                                                                                           

       " I'm in the pet store!"shouted the voice                                                                                                                                                           

       Jaga looked around, and saw a little puppy jumping at a window.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Hey,over here!"said the dog                                                                                                                                                           

       Jaga opened the door to the petshop, and went inside.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Oh hello, I haven't seen a living soul besides my fellow pet playmates in many years"said the dog " What's your name?"                                                                                                                                                           

       " My name is Jagapup, and these are my friends Rygor,Pigmaster, Youtube and Storm."said Jaga                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

       "It's nice to meet you"said the dog " My name is Miffy"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Why are you held up in that pen?"asked Rygor                                                                                                                                                           

       " I've been waiting for years to go to a new home"said Miffy                                                                                                                                                           

       " Wait, so all these pets are waiting to go to a new home?"asked Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       " Yes, Santa Clause comes to pick a few lucky pets each year to go to a new home"said Miffy " We are the kids Christmas presents, but lately no one has been able to go home"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Why not?"asked Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       " The Christmas star isn't glowing anymore, it makes everything run around here and actually detrimends all life of every organism, and it runs on Christmas Magic " said Miffy " So you can see that its our most prized possession. I've been kinda lonely ever since Max flew off to go off on adventures "                                                                                                                                                           

       " Jaga,Rygor, Pig master, Youtuber and Storm all gasped and looked at each other.                                                                                                                                                           

       " Um, did you say flew off"said Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       " Why yes, Max had magical powers"said Miffy                                                                                                                                                           

       " THAT'S JAKE'S PUP !"said Rygor, Storm, Pigmaster, Youtube and Jagapup all at the same time                                                                                                                                                           

       " " You know Max?"asked Jagapup                                                                                                                                                           

       " Yeah, he was my mate"said Miffy                                                                                                                                                           

       " MAX WAS YOUR MATE?!"said Jaga,Rygo, Youtuber, Storm and Pigmaster all at the same time                                                                                                                                                           

       " Oh, we gotta take her back with us"said Jagapup " Jake will be thrilled to meet you"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Ok we are getting off topic, if the factory doesn't run, then Santa can't deliver gifts on Christmas Day"said Rygor " Hold on a sec, then how do presents get under the tree if Santa isn't able to make gifts"                                                                                                                                                           

       " Grownups usually fill in " said Miffy " Kids never really truly have been able to experience a real magical Christmas for years"                                                                                                                                                           

       " If it detrimends all life that's here on the north pole, then how come your still alive"said Youtuber                                                                                                                                                           

       " Not all hope is lost here, that's why your friend Chuchip summoned you"said Miffy" We believe that you,Jaga and your gang can help"                                                                                                                                                           

       " How?"asked Storm                                                                                                                                                           

       "" You need to return the Christmas magic to the Christmas star"said Miffy " The hope for a Christmas miracle is all we have, and that Chistmas miracle is you"                                                                                                                                                           

       "Paw-some, let's go save Christmas " said Jagapup " One thing though, how are we gonna save Christmas?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

       Days until Christmas: 7

Christmas Fairies


It's morning over where Jaga lives, and everyone is up and out of bed just finishing breakfast.

" Where's Jagapup?"asked Order " She never sleeps in this late"

" Maybe she just couldn't get to sleep last night"said Charles " Want me to go wake her up?""

Yeah"said Becky

Charles goes up to Jaga's bedroom, then immediately comes back down. " Guys, Jaga's gone"said Charles

" WHAT?!"said everyone at the same time

" Are you sure, she wasn't in her bed?" said Order

" Nope"said Charles

Order goes up stairs and looks about, calling Jaga's name. Everyone else joins her and spreads thoughout the house looking.

" She's not in the training room"said Jake

" Not in the basement "said Charles

" Not on the roof"said Becky

" Not in the restroom"said Domi

Not anywhere in her usual places?"said Order "

Did you check the non usual places?"asked Becky

" Yes,she's not there"said Order" Wait ,hang on my phones ringing, hello?"

" Order it's Petra, we have a problem "said Gerogia

" So do we"said Order " But you go first"

" Jesse is missing!"said Georgia

" Pig master, that's a coincidenc, cause Jaga is missing too"said Order " We looked everywhere in the house for her"

" And Axel,Olivia, Poli, DatBeardyguy and I looked all over town for Jesse"said Gergia

" Did you happen to see Jagapup while you where there?"asked Order.

" No sorry Order, but Lukas did find that the both the Atlus and the amulet are missing from their stands"said Gerogia " We think Jesse could have been tracking the old order"

" Maybe Jaga is with Jesse"said Order

" That's a possibility "said Gerogia " We are out in the forest searching for him now"

" Alright, we'll meet you there to join in the search"said Order "

Thanks Order, see you in a bit"said Gerogia hanging up

Meanwhile back at the North Pole..............

" Alright everyon, we only have about a week until Christmas Day comes"said Jaga " The sooner we return the Christmas magic to the star, the more time we'll have to help everyone here get ready for Christma, so any ideas on how to compete our mission?"

" Well, if Christmas magic is involve, then it has to do something with either stuff like happiness, love, friendship, kindness, things like that"said Storm " That's what happens in the movies "

" Yeah, that's right"said Youtuber " Oh,remember the moive Elf, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"

" That's perfect!"exclaims Pigmaster " Jagapup, you sing , don't you?"

" Yeah, I do"said Jagapup smiling " I love to sing, it's one of my favorite things to do "

" Maybe we can restore the Christmas magic, by helping out others that are less fortunate then us"said Storm " Like with orphans or homeless families "

" We could start a food drive!"said Rygor " Or a toy drive, or a clothing drive"

" Good idea, that's sure to spread some happiness round"said Storm  

" Hey,what about all of us?"asked Miffy looking at the rest of her animal friends  

" Don't worry, this year,all of you will be going to new homes " Youtuber 

" Really?"asked the animals " All of us?" 

" Are you sure we can handle it guys?"asked Rygor 

" Sure we can"said Jagapup " We can do anything if we put our minds to it" 

" Okay, but I don't see how we are going to find a huge gift box the size of that pony over there, on such short notice "said Rygor  

" Great, but we are going to need way more help to get the Christmas magic back"said Rygor " I mean, just us alone isn't going to do it"

" But who can we call, everyone one of our friends are so far away"said Pig Master

" Well, there has to be someone around here who can help us"said Jagapup " Hey ya Miffy, did u know of anyone that could help" 

" Well, there are the sugar plum and snowflake faries that live on the far side of the north pole"said Miffy " We could ask them to deliver a message to your friends "

" Wait a sec, did you just say-"asked YouTube 

" Sugar plum and snowflak fairies, yup I did"said Miffy" I can show you where they live"

" Great, we'll follow you then"said Rygor picking Miffy out of the pen

" This way"said Miffy

Miffy, Jagapu, Youtuber, Rygor Pigmaster, and Storm went out of the pet stor, where Chuchip was waiting anxiously for their return. YouTuber, Pigmaster got inside the dogsled, and Storm and Miffy where hooked up at the front. Miffy lead the way to the far side of the North Pole, with Jaga and Rygor following behind on Chuchip. Soon they arrived at a icy cave.

" This is where the sugar plum and snowflake faries live"said Miffy" But because that the Christmas star isn't glowing anymore, they can't fly and have lost their ability to do magi. You ever heard of Pixie Hollow before right?"

" Yes"said Storm 

" Well here instead of Pixie dust, the faries magic comes from Christmas magic, and usually faries help out with stockings by taking charge of all the sweets"said Miffy " Come on, they should be inside, but they can be kinda shy"

Pigmaster unhooked Storm and Miffy from the sled, and Rygor and Jaga got off of Rygor. They fellow adventurers went inside the cave. Inside layed a mini world of sugary snack, where the lolipops where the trees, faries lived inside houses made out of gingerbread, the paths where made out of m&m's and skittle, and cotton candy made up the bushes.

" Uh, guys my thoun tis stuck too tis cangee cang "said Storm 

" What was that Storm"asked Rygor

" I sed, my thoun tis stuck too this cangee cang"said Storm 

" What?"asked Rygor 


Jaga looked over to Storm,who had her tounge stuck to a candy cane. 

" Oh no, Storm"YouTube laughing " You got your tounge stuck on a candy cane"

" Did you veally not except meh to eet som ov ti?"asked Storm 

" Storm, you can't eat the faries home"said Jaga

" Sorry....."said Storm " Can som gon help meh out zlease "

" I gotcha Storm"said Miffy nibbling away at the candy cane 

" So where are the fairies?"asked Jagapup 

" Uh, since that the fairies can't fly, it takes longer for them to get places"said Miffy " And this isn't good,because most of the places are way up high"

" So they can't get to places where they want to go?"asked Rygor 

"Not most places, some of the fairies are having to share houses since they can't get to their own"said Miffy

" Can't they just climb up there?"asked Youtuber 

" Nothing to grab onto"said Miffy " Not that I can see, and because of this fairies aren't able to do their jobs, not only are the fairies in charge of the candy, they also live off it. "

" Wait, they eat sugar for every meal, every single day of the year, how can they handle it all without getting sick?"asked Jagapup

" " They're have strong digestive systems"said Miffy

" Yes, I expect the fairies are weak from the lack of sugar"said Miffy 

" Why don't they just eat the sugar here, I mean there's tons of it everywhere "said Storm  

" If the fairies ate their home, they'd have no place to live"said Miffy 

" So where do they get the sugar then?"asked Pigmaster  

" The sugar comes from the fairies garden, where the fairies harvest the sugar"said Miffy  

Jagapup toke off her backpack, and found a few sticks, rulers, and lots of other stuff.

" Perfect "said Jagapup " These will do the trick"

" Do the trick for what?"asked Storm

" To make stairs, and ramps"said Jaga passing out rulers, sticks and branchs" That will at least give them more freedom to the rest of their home, until we can restore the magic to the Christmas start,so they can fly"

" But even if we do help the fariries get to places they want to go, sugar is still gonna be a problem "said Miffy

" How come, can we not just get sugar from the fariries garden "said Pig master placing a branch against a ledge 

" Sure would be nice if it was that simple "said Miffy " Unfortunately, the plants in fairies garden have gone wilted, because of the lack of Christmas magic"

" Oh bummer "said Youtuber 

" It's okay"said Miffy smiling " If we help out the fairies , I'm sure they'll help us out to get the Christmas magic back"

So Jagapup and her friends made ramps and stairs out of the rulers, books, sticks and branches. Although while doing so, Jaga nocticed that Miffy was lying down on the ground, an she didn't look so well.

"Uhhhhh......" moaned Miffy

" Miffy,are you feeling okay?"asked Jagapup 

" Yeah, I think it's just that candy cane I ate earlier "said Miffy

" Yeah, too much candy at once is bad for a dog" said Jaga

" I only had one candy cane, and it was to help Storm get free"said Miffy

" Perhaps you just ate a little too fast"said Jaga

" I geuss so"said Miffy

" Well, you just rest here for a bit, and when you're ready you can help us out "said Jagapup 

Jagapup and her friends finished up building, and several fairies started coming out.

"We must look like giants to them"thought Jagapup 

" Hello there"said Youtuber kneeling down to greet them

" Hi, we don't get many visitors around here"said one of the fairies 

" Hi ya, I'm Jagapup and these are my friends, Storm, Pigmaster, Rygor, Youtuber, Chuchip,and Miffy"said Jagapup

" Welcome to our home, we don't have much here, but what's ours is yours"said a sparrow men 

" Thanks for your kind hospitality, but we are actually here to ask for your help"said Jaga " We need you guys to get a message to our friends, and they are too far away for us the get a reception on our cellphones" 

" Um, Jagapup "said Miffy " Remember, they can't fly" 

" Yeah, but don't the snow fairies usually ride snowflakes?"asked Jagapup  

" Yes we do, it's a popular sport here in the northpole"said one of the snow fairies 

" Yeah, so you can ride the snowflakes to the mainlands"said Jaga " Alright so here is the message we need you to deliver to the rest of our friends. The Christmas star at the North Pole isn't glowing anymor, it's lacking Chistmas magic. So we need all the help possible to gain the magic back before Christmas Eve , help out homeless families, give to orphans, do you everything you can, the inhabitants of the North Pole are counting on you." 

" Got it"said one of the snow fairies " We'll take off right away" 

" Paw-some, with all the people helping out to spread the Christmas cheer round, the Christmas star is sure to glow"said Jagapup  

Meanwhile, a few hours later.......... 

" Any sign of Jagapup or Pigmaster?"asked Order 

" No nothing "said Gerogia " I sure hope we find them soon " 

" Me too, I'm getting kinda worried "said Charles " Plus it's freezing out here, and we've been searching for hours " 

" Hey y'all!"said a voice 

" What was that?"asked Jake 

" Up here"said the voice  

" * Gasp* It's a...................fairy?"said Order 

The snow fairy landed in the palm of Order's hand. 

" Don't worry, Jagapup and Pigmaster are just fine"said the snow fairy 

" Wait, how do you know our friends?"asked Domitron  

" They asked me to deliver you a important message "said the fairy " The Christmas star at the North Pole isn't glowing anymore, because it's lacking Christmas magi. We need to do everything we can to back the magic,before Christmas Eve. Help homeless familie, give to orphans , hurry you must do all that you can, the inhabitants of the North Pole are counting on you" 

Everyone just looked at each other, and then the next thing they knew the fairy had left. 

" Am I dreaming, someone pinch me"said Axel 

"Did anyone else just saw a talking fairy ?"asked Olivia  

" Yeah, I saw it"said Domitron  

" Well, if Jaga and Pigmaster need help, then we best do what we can"said Order 

" Come on guys, let's do this!"said Jake " Bring it in" 

Everyone put there hands on top of each other. 

" Alright, Jagapup and Pigmaster are counting on us to return the Christmas magic " said Jake " So let's put all our efforts into this, yeah hear? Okay, team of three, 1.....2....3" 

" TEAM!"shouted everyone throwing their hands up into the air. 

So everyone ran off to go help everyone that they could see.  

Days left until Christmas: 6 days

    Back at the North Pole............

  " Morning everyone, another day"said Jagapup " We have no time to waste,time a wasting"

  " Jagapup, it's like 2:00 in the morning"said Rygor

  " Yes, the whole day is going!"said Jagapup

  " Alright, alright I'm up"said Youtuber 

  " Lucky that the fariries where ever so kind to let us sleep in their cave for the night "said Storm 

" Alright now that we have the fariries delivering the message, the Christmas star should star glowing again soon"said Rygor   

" Let's hope so, but when the Christmas star starts glowing agai, we'll have to get to work right away to making all the gifts for the kids"said Jagapup   

" Santa and his elves are part of this whole operation, so we need to find them"said Youtuber " But how do we do that?"  

" The big man in red been missing for years"said Miffy  

" You think someone could have ..................kidnapped him?"asked Jaga  

" I hope not"said Pig master  

" But we also need to figure out the reindeer situation too"said Storm " Cause last time I check there wasn't any in the stables back at town"  

" If someone did kidnap Santa, then the elves and rein deer would probably be with him"said Rygor  

" So how do we find them"asked Pigmaster   

" The spirits of Christmas past, present and future can help us"said Miffy exiting the cave " They live on the very peak of Mistletoe Mountain, come on I'll take you there-WHOA!"  

The ground that Miffy was standing broke off into a flat piece of ice, and Miffy went sliding down the hill.  

" Guys, help!" shouted Miffy  

Jagapup looked around and found a huge piece of bark. She pulled the bark over to the edge of the hill.  

" Hang on Miffy,we're coming!"said Jaga  

Jagapup slid down the hill after Miffy.  

" Hey, wait for us!"shouted Youtuber climbing onto Chuchip  

Jagapu leaned back and forth, left and right to aviod trees,and rocks, and to slow down or speed up. Jaga was quickly able to catch up to Miffy.  

" Jump Miffy!"shouted Jagapup  

Miffy jumped into Jagapup's arms. Then Jagapup saw up ahead that the two where head towards a cliff  

" Aww snap"said Jaga  

" How do we stop?!"asked Miffy  

" I don't know, usually when going sledding, I just wait till the sled stops at the bottom of the hill"said Jaga" Uh.........uh........drag your paws on the ground to slow it down"  

Jagapup and Miffy dragged their paws, feet and hands against the snow. Snow and dirt dug into Jaga's finger nails. Still they continued to slide toward the cliff.  

" Jaga!" said Storm " Catch this"  

Storm threw a rope to Jaga, and Jagapup grabbed the ropes end.  

" Great thinking Storm, thanks"said Jagapup  

Storm attempted to pull the two of them in, but the load was really heavy for her, so she was starting to slip down the slope.  

" Whoa, Jaga, Miffy, we're slipping!" said Storm  

" Jagapup your backpack, throw down your backpack, maybe it will lighten the load"said Miffy  

" Good idea Miffy"said Jagapup throwing her backpack up hill  

Jaga's backpack hit Storm by accident ,causing Storm to drop the other end of the rope. Jagapup and Miffy went sliding down the slope.  

" Sorry Storm"said Jagapup  

" Chuchip dive!"said Youtuber  

Chuchip dove down the cliff.  

" up!"said Youtuber  

Chuchip rose up.  

" Good, a little to your left, wait too far left go right"said Youtuber " Yes there,right there great. Now easy, steady now"  

" Great rescue Youtuber and Chuchip "said Jagapup " You too Storm "  

" Yeah, thanks a lot guys"said Miffy  

" No problem, we r just glad you two are safe"said Youtuber " Wait , where's Rygor?"  

"I'm here "said Rygor coming down the hill with Storm and Pig master " Is everyone okay"  

" I'm fine "said Jagapup " Miffy,how about you?"  

" My somatch must not have liked that bumpy ride" moaned Miffy  

" Your stomach still hurts?"asked Jagapup " Has that candy cane not gone through your system yet?"  

" I don't know"said Miffy " Anyway, let's get to Mistletoe Mountai, but to get there we need to get to the Polar Express Railroad track."  

" The what?!"asked Storm  

" The Polar express,?"said Miffy  

Jagapup, Rygor, Youtuber ,Storm and Pigmaster all looked at each other.  

" Everywhere we go here at the North Pol, it seems like we are going to part of a moive or book"said Jagapup  

Storm nodded.  

" Come on, this way, it's not far from here"said Miffy " You can see it from here over the clifft"  

" Oh, I see it!"said Pigmaster  

" Me too!"said Rygor  

" Well ,what are we waiting for?" said Jagapup " Let's go!"  

Jaga and her friends made it down the cliff and to the old railway trac.  

" Does the Polar express also runs on Christmas magic?"asked Pigmaster  

" Yup, it does"said Miffy  

" So how are we going to get to the mountai?"asked Rygor  

" We're gonna ride by handcar" said Miffy  

" No way, really?!"asked Rygor  

" Yes really, come on!" said Miffy  

Jagapup and her friends got on the handcar. Jagapup, Pigmaster and Miffy where on one side, and Rygor, Youtuber and Storm where on the other. They pumped the handle up and down to make the handcar go. Chuchip flew beside the six friend, as they headed down the trac.  

" Anyone feel like singing Christmas carols?"asked Youtuber  

" What song?"asked Storm  

" I don't know, jingle bells I guess "said Youtuber  

" Wait, how bout we switch up the lyrics"said Jagapup " Like this..............Jingle bell, Jingle bell, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one deer sof in handcar, hey!"  

" Wait a secon, one deer sof in handcar, but Chuchip isn't pulling the handcar."said Rygor  

" Well, he's the closest thing to a horse around here"said Jaga  

" Good point "said Pigmaster  

" Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way" sang Rygor continuing the song  

" Oh what fun it is to ride in a one deer sof in handcar, hey!" sang Pigmaster and Youtuber  

" Dashing on the train track, in a one deer sof in handcar " sang Miffy  

" All the feuds we go, laughing all the way" sang Jagapup and Youtuber  

" Ding Ding Ding" rang Chuchip's bell  

" Bells on Chuchip ring, making spirit bright" sang Rygor and Miffy  

" Oh what it is to ride a handcar and sing a song tonight " everyone sang " Oh Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one deer sof in handcar, hey! Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride a one deer sof in handcar"  

Miffy picked up her ears, and listened.  

" Uh oh, guys?!"said Miffy worried " Jagapup quick, get rope and straps out of your backpack, everyone sit down!"  

" Sit down, why?"asked Pigmaster  

" Just trust me" said Miffy " Tie your selfs to the bar of the handcar!"  

" Miffy, what going on?" asked Jaga worried tying her self to the handcar's bar, and passing out rope to everyone  

" Well, I kinda forgot to mention something to you" said Miffy " Tiny, small really "  

" So what is it spit it out"said Rygor tying himself to the car.  

, Well, since that the Christmas magic isn't round, the tracks have gone bad"said Miffy" So that means that the tracks could break, and that's bad because.........."  

" Because why"asked Youtuber tying her self to the cart.  

" Because we are about to go over a crazy roller coaster ride "said Miffy  

" WHAT?!"shouted everyone  

" That's a small problem?!"said Storm  

" I don't like big scary roller coasters, I always think I'm gonna die or something " said Jaga  

 " Well the thing is that we actually could die, because we don't have the proper safety gear for this!"siad Rygor

" " This is bad, this bad, this is very very bad"said Youtuber worried

" I can't look!" said Pigmaster

" Here we go it's coming up, so I suggest that we all hold on.......TIGHT!" said Miffy

The handcar started zooming down the tracks, that where above the 50 foot canyon.

" AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" everyone screamed

The adventurers went over bumps, huge hills, twists and turns, loops, zigzags,parts that went upside down, parts where the handcar went backwards, epic jumps over broken tracks and other obstacals too terrifying to even descride. Jagapup's heart was pounding in her chest, shivers went down her spine, sweat was coming down her face, and her voice was starting to get sore from screamin so loud. She was griping onto the handcar's bar as tightly as possibl, too terrifyed to move. Every obstacle they faced made Jaga's heart jump. Youtuber was clinging onto Rygor, her arms wrapped around him so tightly, that it almost looked like she was chocking him so he couldn't breath.She had her eyes shut tight. Rygor held Storm close to his chest with one arm, with the other he gripped tightly onto the handcar's bar. A petrified expresstion was spread across his face. Storm's ears where flat, eyes closed, and she was whimpering in fear. She had her teeth digging into Rygor's rope strap, and Storm was shaking in Rygor's lap. Pigmaster was sitting right beside Jaga. Sqeezing Jagapup's hand tightly, Pigmaster's loud scream shrieked in Jaga's ears, making them ring. He was pulling on his strap, making sure it was extra tight. " If he pulls any tighter, he might not be able to breathe"thought Jagapup. Miffy was lying in Jagapup's lap, shaking with fear. She was growing pale,her eyes heavy, and Miffy was pretty woozy. It looked like as if Miffy was gonna throw up any second. Jagapup could see the fear in her friends eyes, as they continued along this crazy ride. Their hair and fur blew in the howling winds, and snow nipped their faces. The support beams that held the tracks in place wobbled and shook. This made it feel as if they where going to fall at any moment. Sparks came out of rails as the handcar rolled along the track. 

" I want to get off" wailed Rygor

" Me too!" said Jagapup " This is even scarier then that roller coaster I rode at Disney World once, Space Mountain "

" I've been on many roller coaster, but it's nothing compared to this!"said Youtuber 

" We'll be super lucky if at least one of us survives this! "said Pigmaster " Oh Reuben and Magnus, please we beg you, please help us survive this"

" I think I'm going to be sick...."said Miffy

They six of them went over a big bump. Youtuber's strap came untied, and she fell out of the handcar and onto the track!

" Youtuber watch out!"shouted Jagapup 

Too late. The handcar rolled right ontop of Youtuber, and Youtuber fell down into a mine cart that was on the second set of tracks bellow them. Everyone gasped and put their hands over their mouths.

" Oh my god, we just ran over Youtuber!"said Storm 

" Did.....did we just kill her?"asked Pigmaster 

" I ..........I really really hope not"said Jagapup " If so, it'd be a tragedy"  

It took a few minutes for Jagapup to process in her head what just happened. Was Youtuber dead? Did they really just kill one of her best friends by accident? When it seemed that this crazy roller coaster ride would never end, Jagapup nocited that at they where upcoming the otherside of the cayon. You know what else was coming up? A huge gap of missing track, followed by a 50 feet drop.

" Oh triple snap!"said Jagapup 

" There's no way we're going to make that!"said Youtuber 

" Chuchip help us!"screamed Rygor

Jaga looked behind her, to see that Chuchip was falling behind from the rest of the group. He was pushing Youtuber's minecart along the track,and handcar was going too fast.

" He won't make it in time!" said Jagapup 

" Jagapup your pack, maybe something in there could help?"asked Rygor 

Jaga looked ahead to see the big gap just ahead of them.She quickly looked though her backpack for anything at all that could help them.

" No, nothing" she said

" What about your powers?"asked Pigmaster 

" My voice is sore from screaming, so I don't know if my powers will work properly "said Jagapup " It would be back to normal in a few minute, but the problem is we don't have time!" 

" That's it, we're doomed!"said Storm 

"So what do we do now?"asked Miffy 

" Hope for a miracle, it's all we can do"said Jagapup  

The five friends all hugged each other as they rolled toward certain doom. Chuchip gave out a alarming bleat, as if he was just noticing that his friends where in danger. Then a hook rapped around the support beam. On the far side of the canyon Jagapup could see two silhouettes in the distanc, but the snow was coming down so hard she couldn't quite see who it was. The two people pulled on the rope attached to the hook. The support beams leaned forward, far enough to reach the other side of the canyon. The handcar stopped in the pile of snow covering the rest of the tracks. Everyone untied themselves from the handcar, and slowly got off, still shaking from the dramatic experience.

" I think I'm going to have a phobia about roller coasters after that"said Rygor

" Is everyone alright?" asked a voice worried

It was TheDiamondGuy and Gabriel the warrior. Miffy was throwing up in a hole she made in the snow.

" Gabriel?!" exclaimed Jagapup " Diamondguy?!"

" Looks like you found the Old order after all Pigmaster "said Storm

" Yeah, I guess so"said Pigmaster " It's so great to see you Gabriel after all this time. It's been so long"

" It's great to see you too Jesse" said Gabriel " And you too Jagapup, Rygor, Storm and .........who's' your new friend"

" This is Chuchip, and Miffy, Max's mate"said Jagapup

" Max? Like Jake's pup?"asked Diamondguy

" Yup, that's him" said Rygor " Wait, where's Miffy?"

Miffy was throwing up in a hole that she made in the snow.

" You okay over there Miffy?"asked Jagapup

" I........I........"said Miffy

Miffy threw up again.

" Well at least that candy cane she ate will finally be out of her system "thought Jagapup

" You two are life savers" said Storm" You guys came just in time"

" I still can't believe that we're alive" said Rygor " I almost had a heart attack!"

" Well, maybe not everyone is alive "said Storm sadly looking over the canyon.

Chuchip was carrying Youtuber on his back across the canyon. Chuchip landed and set Youtuber on the ground. Everyone rushed over to her. Blood from her injuries made the snow around her pink.

" Oh no......"said Jagapup leaning down next to Youtuber's body

" Is she................dead?"asked Rygor

Jagapup placed her hand over her heart. Her heart sank when she didn't feel so much as a thump from her heart beat. The look in Jaga's eyes had said it all. She was in a better place. Chuchip didn't have have the same expression as everyone els. He went over to Youtuber's motionless body, and rang his bell.

" Ding ding!" rang Chuchip's bell

The sound of Chuchip's bell seemed to call to Youtuber's spirit, as a set of instructions to enter back into her body. Youtuber's eyes slowly flickered open, and she was back to full health.

" Is the ride over?"asked Youtuber

" She's alive!"said Jaga

" Thank the heavens "said Rygor helping her up

Jaga, Rygor, Storm, and Miffy hugged their dear friend.

" What even happened?!"asked Youtuber " The last thing I remember was being hit by the handcar"

" Uh, let's not go into too much detail of what happened after that"said Rygor

" All that matters is ,your alive and well"said Jaga

" Anyways, so do we all agree that we will never, ever go back on that thing again?"asked Pigmaster

" Agreed"said Jagapup ,Storm, Youtuber, and Miffy

" Well, we have a long climb of the mountain ahead of us"said Miffy " We should get going,quickly "

" Why in such a hurry?"asked Diamondguy

" We're restoring the Christmas magic to the Christmas star"said Jagapup " It detrimends all life around here"

" Life's are at stake, and Chistmas is at stake!"said Youtuber

" Can we come help?"asked Gabriel

" Sure, we'll need all the help we can get to restore the Christmas magic before Christmas Eve"said Jagapup

" Come on everyone, to the top of Mistletoe mountain "said Miffy " Time to climb"

So Jagapup, Rygor, Youtuber, Pigmaster, Diamondguy, Gabriel, Storm, and Miffy hiked up to the top of Mistletoe Mountain. The journey up the mountain very difficul. Each step they took the mountain path got steeper. Howling wind blew blizzard snow, and the higher they went the colder it got. They began to sink within the deep snow.

" If we go any higher, I'm gonna turn into a pupsical "shouted Storm over the howling wind" Are we almost there?"

" Not much farther "shouted Miffy " We're almost there"

The friends continued to trug up the mountain against the cold. About a hour later, they made it to the very top of Mistletoe Mountain.

" Arg, finally we made it, now can we take a very short break please"said Pigmaster " It was a long hike up the mountain "

" Yeah"said Miffy

" Everybody do the flop!"said Rygor

Everyone flopped into the snow, and made snow angels. Storm, and Miffy rolled around in the snow to make their snow angels. Everyone got up to admire there work.

"Hmm........ I think your snow angel needs just one more thing Gabriel "said Jagapup

" Like what, a face?"asked Gabriel

" Some tuna?"asked Storm

Everyone gave Storm a weird look. Jagapup took out her sword from her inventor, and placed it next to Gabriel's snow angel in the snow. She picked the sword back up, and it's print in the snow was left behind.

" Now it's perfect "said Jaga

" I like it, nice touch"said Gabriel smiling

" Thanks "said Jagapup smiling back

The wind blew, and Jagapup could sense something in the air. All of a sudden the snow angles came to life. The angles sang and danced though the sky. Then other snow angels started coming out too. There singing was unlike anything they've ever heard. Next thing they knew three angels appeare, and all the other angels bowed.

" Hello, welcome to Mistletoe mountain"said one of the Angels " I am Holly, and this is Crinkle and Halo. What brings you all here?"

" We need to find where Santa has gone off to. Our friend Miffy told us that you might be able to help,yes?"asked Youtuber

" Yes, we know where he went"said Crinkle " He came up here a long time ago and asked to go back to the past and never come back to the present"

" Why doesn't he want to come back?" asked Youtuber

" He said that he didn't want to be himself"said Holly

" Pfft Ha, Saint Nick doesn't want to be Saint Nick, now that's funny "laughed Rygor

Holly gave Rygor a stern look.

" Wait, so you're not joking?"asked Rygor

Holly shook her head.

" What, Santa can't give up his job"said Gabriel " It's what he is famous for"

" Guys, this is really serious"said Jagapup worried " If we don't convince him to come back, kids will think that Santa isn't real, and he'll die from the nonbelief"

" Is there any chance you can take us to the past so we can find him?"asked Pigmaster

" Alright, but we'll have to use the last of our magic"said Halo

" Do it" said Gabriel

Holly run her fingers across the smooth Chucchip's shiny silver bell.

" There now all you have to do is ring that bell to go to the past and back "said Holly

" Thanks a bunch"said Diamondguy

" You guys have safe travels "said Holly

" Alright, you ready boy?"asked Jagapup

Chuchip gave out a pridefull bleat, before getting up on his hind legs to ring his bell.

" Ding ding" rang Chichip's bell

There was a flash of light, and Jagapup and her friends journeyed to the past.

" Is this the past?"asked Diamondguy " Everything looks normal, and when I mean normal I mean that the snow has finally turned back to white again "

"ROAR!" growled a voice

Everybody stopped in their tracks when they heard the sound.

" What......... was that?!"asked Youtuber nervously

Jagapup looked out into the distance, and saw that a saber tooth tiger was nearby.

"Somethin tells me where in the right place"said Jagapup

" Whoa, a saber tooth tiger " breathed Gabriel " ..,............So cool"

" Yeah.........." agreed Jagapup

" I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to become that big cat's lunch"said Storm

" With you all the way"said Miffy

Everywhere she looked, Jagapup saw animals everywhere. Woolly mammoths, saber tooth tigers, owls, foxs, lynk, and other animals Jagapup could not recognize.