MCSM Tales: The Order of The Stone is a story that is being created by: RYGOR12345.


In the days before the Order of The Stone, the world of Minecraft was in chaos. But when a unlikely group of people join together to fight a menace from another dimension, things start to get weird!


Order of the Stone Edit

  • Gabriel The Warrior
  • Magnus the Rogue
  • Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer
  • Soren the Architect

Chapter 1Edit

It was a dark and spooky night in the world of Minecraft, a young man in drab leather armour was being chased by a swarm of spiders. He fended them off similar to a true warrior. His swift and agile moves penetrated the spiders who were determined to neutralize him. With every blow he killed everyone without a sweat! After he slayed the last mob, he quickly runs to his house in a modest village who is greeted by his wife who was displeased he was late for dinner. In her soft, lovable, voice she says “ Were you attacked by spiders again, Gabriel?”

Meanwhile in the far east region of the world, a young lady with brown hair the color of Oak Wood runs towards the junkyard to scavenge for parts for her father who owns a Machine Shop. Although she may not know yet, but she a natural talent with redstone! She has always yearned for more ways to use her talent for just fixing machines she wanted MORE! So while we ferrets through the junkyard, she comes across an item that will change her life forever.

In a town left in oblivion, A mischievous man with a tendency to blow things up, has a natural instinct for destructive power. He and his friends decided to play a prank on the current "King of Boom Town." Little does he know, this devious plan actually will make him the king of this wasteland.

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