Below is a list of rules of this Wiki. Please follow them at all times.

No swearing

Swears used at the person's expense is against the rules. Two warnings will be given then a ban of admin's choice. You can use mild launguage;

such as, "crap," "hell," and "dammit/damn."; just don't​ use them at users.

No Harassment/Bullyng/Defaming/Swearing at Users

Users will get an instant ban if seen bullying, then if they keep doing it, the user will get a 3-day ban.


Sexual innuendos are not tolerated here. Two warnings will be given then a ban.

Respect People's Opinions/Beliefs

Remember, that not everyone is going to agree with you! So stay cool and respect them! Everyone is different in their own way that's what makes them special! If a user is caught disrespecting someone's opinion or religion, they will be banned immediately without question.


Please Do not bring drama to this Wiki! Arguments happen when you start drama and people complain. If you start an argument your ban duration will be discussed by the administration team, then we can decide if you get a block or ban.

​Sock/Alt Accounts

You can ​use them for a Bot or extra one; just not ​for ecaping a ban. The user's sock to escape a ban/block will be blocked and banned for infinite; and the user will be blocked for 2 weeks.

​Under Aged Users

If someone says that they're under 13-years-old in live chat or a comment, the Admins and Moderators can't do anything to them; but they can make a report to Wikia or the Wikia Staff.


Please, do not advertise other wikias, the user will get two warnings, then a ban or block.


It does not matter ​what skin tone you have - we are all created the same, so do not say you hate that persons race - the user will get a warning then a block for 3 days.


Don't be sexist and say that, that speciphic gender can't do what the other can - it is extremly rude. The user will get a warning then a block.

​Religions and Politics

Please, do not bring up politics or religions - they can cause arguements and fights. The user will get a warning, then if they do it again, a block or ban for 3 days.


Do not ​vandalise users stories, articles, or blog posts. The user will get a warning, then a block for infinite.

​Demotiong Staff

If a moderator, admin, rollback, or bureaucrat is breaking the rules, being rude to users for no reason, or arguing with the founder, they will be demoted without question. Note: if you are bureaucrat and going to be demoted, there will be a demotion thread.

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