Chapter 1: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Edit

Shipper: Well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rollin in those questions and dares!

Nick: Yeah, and comment #BringustheBird if you wanna see more tweets.

Shipper: Boi, don't no one wanna see your tweets!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

Shipper: Aaaaaaaand, cut! *turns off camera* That's a wrap! Good job, everybody! Go get some coffee by the break room, you've earned it!

Nick: *sighs and stretches* Ah! Nothing like a good episode of torture to really start you off right!

Nikki: Yup! Now, for the "Daily Darable" check. Time to see if everyone's alive. Jesse?

Jesse: *on target board* Here!

Nikki: Petra?

Petra: *buried under biscuits* Here!

Nikki: Lukas? Jenny?

Lukas & Jenny: Here! *continue making out*

Nikki: Olivia? Axel?

Olivia & Axel: *infected w/ potion of nausea* Here...olp!

Nikki: Classic Order?

Classic Order: *buried underground* Here!

Nikki: Episode 8 cast?

Episode 8 Cast: *in cage* Here!

Nikki: Harper?

Harper: *fighting zombie horde* Here--agh! hey, back off!

Nikki: Welp, that's everyone! *pulls lever which deactivates all torture* Hokay! Go get some rest guys!

Lukas: Gee, thanks. *rubs shoulder*

Shipper: I'm off to live chat! See ya! *leaves*

Nick: I'm gonna go meet the OC boys for tonight. It's Friday, baby! *leaves*

Petra: I'm gonna go tend my wounds. I need to be stable for the next episode. come on, guys. *leaves*

All (except Nikki): *leave*

Nikki: ...Hey, Jesse? Hold up a moment. I need to talk with you.

Jesse: ?

Nikki: I'm not going to hurt you. The episode's over, remember?

Jesse: ...*follows Nikki* Okay...what are you talking about?

Nikki: Listen...there's something you don't quite know about me yet. It's going to sound pretty crazy, prepared.

Jesse: Prepared? Where is this going?

Nikki: It's actually family matters, bro.

Jesse: "Bro?" As in..."bromigo?" in--?!

Nikki: Yeah...high time I told you. I'm your sister, Jesse.

Chapter 2: Family Tension Edit

Jesse: WTF?! We're actually related?!

Nikki: Calm down. I know it's twisted, but it's true. Steve and Alex are our parents, and...well, I never told you because being a darable and all.

Jesse: So you mean to say that this dumb show was more important than your kinship with me?!

Nikki: Wha--no that's not it! It's just that Shipper didn't expect the show to become so popular, and we had to keep it up so everyone could be happy!

Jesse: Everyone except you family, apparently.

Nikki: Will you just let me explain?! I had to make a choice! If I favored you in any way, then it would leave upset Wikiers! But if I didn't, and you eventually found out about this, then YOU'D be he one angry! Do you know how hard it's been to torture my own brother?!

Jesse: So you chose making me angry instead of your precious Wikiers. Nice choice.

Nikki: Oh for Notch's sake! Do you want to know WHY I risked making you mad?!

Jesse: Why? To make me look dumb? To fill in the blanks for your Wikiers? To please Shipper by torturing me, your own brother?!


Jesse: *stunned*

Nikki: Forget it. I was wrong to think you deserved to learn the truth. I should've known you'd react selfishly. *starts to leave*

Chapter 3: Siblings Together, Family Forever Edit

Jesse: ...Nikki, hold up!

Nikki: *whips around* What?

Jesse: I...I'm sorry.

Nikki: Ever heard of the phrase, "too little, too late?"

Jesse: Look, I was...just shocked...and angry...mostly because I had a family member who was actually ALIVE this whole time...and they never bothered to tell if I didn't matter at all.

Nikki: Well, when you put it THAT way--

Jesse: But then I remembered that I'm supposed to be the older sibling about this...and I never considered the pain you might be feeling to hide it. It was for Shipper's sake, wasn't it?

Nikki: ...Um--

Jesse: So, I understand now that it's only fair to move on. Maybe we'dve grown closer then, instead of barking at each other like this. But I get it if you're still mad.

Nikki: *sigh* You're such a moron.

Jesse: Yes, we've established that.

Nikki: I'm not mad, dummy. I was just hurt.

Jesse: You have a very funny way of showing it.

Nikki: *Pfff!* Shut up! *punches shoulder*

Jesse: Ow! Ou--hey! That actually didn't hurt a bit.

Nikki: Why would I hurt my bro? *grins*

Nick: Hey! Are you two done in there? I;ll drink all this coffee myself if you don't hurry!

Jesse: *walks to break room w/ Nikki* Oh, so now that we've made up, I wanted to ask: if you're my sister, what does that make Nick? My other little brother? My nephew? My cousin?

Nikki: Your son.

Jesse: O.O